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Incredible Animal & Birds Tattoo Design for Cute Girls

Wide variety of wild and pet animal and bird tattoo here we share for girls. Cute small and big tattoo feel interesting that can enjoy on back, wrist, leg and back of ear. Colorful tattoo clearly show and their picture tell others about your nature. In our collection dog, fox, owl, lizard, hummingbird, fish, swallow tattoo are include. You can draw your best pet picture any way on body.

Get image from below!

Dog Tattoo:

Dog enjoy people as pet animal because these are loyal and friendly behave with owner family. Dog tattoo girls get inspired to their pet dog or simply as style. Dog tattoo may be fun idea for someone. You can draw the dog on your wrist and color match with your dressing. Mostly black color tattoo is clearly on your fair skin.

Owl on a Tree:

For trendy girls that like to wear short dressing can get ankle tattoo. Cute owl sit on tree branch and her eyes spark as in real life. Flat shoes you need to wear when draw tattoo on ankle. As say that owl see clearly in night as your ankle owl tattoo also appear clearly. Owl bird is really calm and insightful nature bird.

 Lizard tattoo:

Lizard can grow longer then a person. Green and brown color lizard with long tongue look very interesting. A simple and easy animal tattoo idea you can easily enjoy. Very excited lizard tattoo you can show on your belly with crop top.

Hummingbird Tattoo:

Humming bird used on Jamaica Island as a national bird that signs of love and peace. This bird has many endearing traits and become popular selection for bird tattoo. With different colors hummingbird tattoo you can show on your ribcage. To express her personality funky girl can select this tattoo.

Swallow Tattoo:

Swallow bird tattoo has rich meaning so people like to get behind both ear. Due to its perfect size it can easily draw on back of ear. Trendy girls like this bird tattoo on chest, neck, back wrist, or behind the ear. With bob cut hair swallow tattoo clearly and close show. Down position of bird tattoo look as it come back on land from sky.

Fish Tattoo:

Fish is water animal that people keep as pet in their home. These enjoy their life only in water with their beautiful color and traits. Girls who love with fish tattoo can enjoy on her wrist. Black color fish and its long feather look so interesting.

Red Fox Tattoo Design:

Animal tattoo design becomes popular among the funky girls. Red fox is favorite choice in all other animals. Fox is cunning animal and is strength is high as wild animal. Fox tattoo symbolize with sharp and cunning nature. You can enjoy this tattoo on her back with black and red color combination. For back red fox tattoo showing you need to wear backless top.

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