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Glamorous Golden Wedding Theme Ideas


Golden color psychological associated with prosperity, success, quality, and luxury values. Stunning look golden glam wedding theme involves each and every thing when you see all around just golden and golden see. You will see everything shine and bright and beautify the close thing. In our collection you will see bridal, bridesmaid and wedding seating to table golden look. Get images from below!

Gold Glam Wedding Invitation:


Sparkly rich golden wedding theme is loose first impression on coming guest when you pass wedding invitation at them. On white paper card gray printing get side golden glam style. Fabric lace is also used for bending the invitation that has inside surprise for guest. White color marble plate pick up for placing the card on it. Cute and luxury wedding theme impress the people.

Gold Glam Bridal Dress:


For outdoor wedding functional bridal selected glittery golden sleeveless long dress. Bodice area of tulle gown fully embellished and release sexy glance that make the groom nature loving. Silk sating belt embossed on waist for fit purpose. Back drop of dress touch the green grass with fresh beauty look of bridal. Fit and flare golden gown keep him comfort.

Golden Glam Bridal Shoes:


As you choose golden dress for her big day you temporary need of matching shoes. Golden and sky blue color thin heel sandals wear with ankle strip that support in easy walk. I right side image bridal with golden gown wear lace up peep toe sandals. In day light golden color of shoes gives glossy accent. Bridal makes her wedding day memorable in golden prince beauty. In attention of golden shoes need of nail polish on feet finger become less.

Golden Glam Bridal Hand Clutch:


Need of hand clutch also become necessary for bridal on wedding function. In golden glam wedding small size clutch favorable for bridal. Slight weight clutch easy to carry that has top lock. Clutch top layer treat with sequin sheet and beads. Bridal wears golden pearl bracelets in her hand that make contras with bridal clutch. Flap over side chain wedding purse fully embellished with pearl material.

Golden Glam Bridal Bouquet:


Interesting style artistic shimmering look bridal bouquet explores luxury impression. Natural paper is selected after drawing rose flower golden color spray all over the bouquet. Long time can enjoy the golden glam bouquet that band from end. Light weight soft feel bouquet bridal can match with her dressing color. For golden theme wedding the idea of paper flower bouquet is great.

Golden Glam Wedding theme Photo Shoot:


Bridal adorns cap sleeve sheath golden glam dress while groom look in black & white pant suit. Both try to understand the feelings of each other on wedding day. The photo grapier catches the movement of bridal groom at that time when they see each other very closely. Bridal in one hand hold flower bouquet and groom slip in her pant pocket.

Golden Glam Bridesmaid Dresses:


Bridal friends also look in golden glam dresses on her friends big day inspire to surrounding. Back cowl neckline floor length glittery dresses get wide attention of others. Waist fit bridesmaid dresses tell other about their body shape clearly. She selects back bun hair style with golden hair. Under golden color sequin gown need of other fashion jewelry become less.

Golden Glam Wedding Cake:


Wedding cake is precious movement that every one wants to celebrate on her wedding day. Big size cream cake wears golden dress in artistic style.  Golden tray arrange under each tire of cake that decorates with edible sequin. Amazingly real golden glam theme found in wedding cake that can consider incredible. Sweet cake refreshment fills the heart with love that allows people to share with each others.

Golden Glam Bridal & Groom Table:


Round table arrangement becomes easy in golden glam wedding theme. Center table is cover with golden sequin that glow in dark light. Wedding table one side say great welcome to special guest. White flower bouquet drop in glass with pair of chair. Bridal groom chair give soft and fluffy seat with the help of golden print fabric cushion. Wall hanging candles high light the table decoration.

Golden Glam Wedding Table No:


For list down the each one guest table you can follow the above image defines idea. Antique style golden frame is standing on table with glass frame that give same image either look from front or back.

Golden Glam Table Runner Decoration:


Table runner decoration is makeover with fall material that sprays in golden color. Burlap first lay down in center of table after then golden pumpkins are sat on wood log. Pinecone leaves get short distance near to glitter candles.

Golden Glam Wedding Jar Decoration:


Wine bottle decoration can arrange in golden glam wedding them. Simply polish the bottles and fill them with favorite color flower. Flower fragrance get best attention of guest.

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