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Knee Ankle Length Vera Wang 2016 Shoes Collection


Today here see more about Vera vang 2016 shoes. Fall autumn collection of black and brown color shoes is so impressive and enjoy able. In Vera Wang natural touch all install in the form of heel material. Ankle length and knee length shoes are crafted with rich leather material and line print fabric. Dual color shoes are get huge attention as well as your great confidence will appear. See below!

High Heel Leather Back-Less Shoes:

1 vera wang heel shoes  (3)

Black color leather gives warmth feelings in cool season. Vera Wang inspire to rich leather design wood heel button crafted leather foot wear. Backless Square from toe flat heel give awesome beauty. High heel shoes come in to final look with detail features material. Natural wood, black button and leather utilize in designing of every day wearing shoes. In next one image same style but different color material Vera Wang inspiration you can see. Plain leather with fluffy texture black heel border foot-wear you can match with your dressing.

Wedge Kitten Golden Heel Shoes:

2 vera wang heel shoes  (4)

Wedge heel shoes are give dramatic look with glossy leather. Strip style shoes are furnished with golden color kitten heel. Wedge heel of black shoes has cut out style that keeps safe from any serious injury. Ankle length foot you can wear in cold season. In natural light luxury leather as spark as will make you impressive personality. The above picture defines Vera Wang great installation you can enjoy on casual bases. You can make easy walk I high plat form heel shoes when you adopt floor length gown.

Knee Length Vera Wang Fall Boots:

3 vera wang heel shoes  (2)

Dual color knee length boots give fun idea to enjoy fall season. Round toe plat form wedge heel shoes keep you warm up and freely mood. You can match the color of shoes with your dressing that will give you uniform look. Buckles are lifted with top end of long boots through that you can fit the boots in your long legs. Women great confidence also shows under wedge heel footwear. If you want to wear black look than Vera Wang solve your problem with long shoes. The leather boots top length treat with lining fabric.

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