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Must-Have Velvet Loafer to Upg13rade Your Style

Luxury and chic velvet loafers are effortless. Must-have for edgy street look when there is little chill outside. Velvet calls most favorite fabric for fall yet you can add it in spring and winter wardrobe. Here we bring festive collection of velvet loafer will look great with both feminine and Masculine-like outfits. You can feel the difference once make experience with these stunning velvet loafers.

Gorgeous studded loafer in velvet:

Lovely! Everyone desires to add these loafers in shoes collection. Studded blue velvet loafer captures attention and don’t let them move anywhere. Stylish loafer also conveys enough comfort. Velvety softness and glow add something more edgy that rock street looks.

Tassel embellished velvet loafer:

What I say pretty or playful. You deeply fell in love with tassel embellished velvet shoes. Fall hues give ravishing glow to your outfit either you perk up with leather legging of sweet pajamas. Dark blue velvet loafer looks so nice with delicate blue trimming and tassel decorations.

Embroidered loafer slipper in velvet:

Coziness and versatility both grabs with a single transitions. Intricate handmade floral embroidered loafer slipper are sensations kicks that will streamline statement looks. These are joyful footwear perfect for year around styling. It look awesome even you pair t0 with skinnies, flowy or flare ensembles.

Glowing velvet loafer in blue:

Wow slip from tongue when look at this adorable pair of velvet loafer. I’m sure you think about updating wardrobe with such lovely velvety loafers. You can gear up loafers with everyday to formal outfits even with date nights and Christmas outfits. Metallic gold tassel enchant blue loafer are awesome alternative for those fed up from heel and leather shoes.

Comfortable blush pink loafer:


Feel true comfort in velvet loafer when spend hours on the way. Horsebit loafer in blush pinks are playful pair belongs to feminine wardrobe. Flat sole and classy style nicely blends of tones of modernity. It looks fabulous with crop mom jeans and tee length skirts.

Blue and silver velvet loafer:

Midnight blue and silver combination suits to every personality. Go for velvet loafer slipper if want something cool and chic. Stylish loafer is smart choice for flat loafer. It gives different look from oxford and high heel booties.

Fur trim velvet loafer slipper:

Flashy and warmth tones with h definitely give polished look to every woman. You feel fabulous if line-up Street outfit with matching bag and shoes. Bold fuschia velvet loafer slipper, rendered with soft fur sole trimming, give dramatic appeal with full confidence. Tame up velvety shoes with distressed cropped mom jeans to turn back more heads.

Pointy velvet loafer:

Hearty touching color palette and unique style both become cause to grabs attention. Pointy toe and textured velvet featured loafer shoe are opulent offering for fashion forward ladies. It pinches warmth tone along style. Must-have luxe loafer to rock during this fall/winter.

Burgundy loafer slipper:

Velvet loafer is so comfortable and classy that’ll make you love. You wish to wear it everywhere even for home lounging. Their glow look awesome to eyes, stylish loafer is heart touching footwear make elegant pair with Christmas outfit.

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